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Dear College and University Members,

It’s been a pleasure working with your institution over the last 23 years. We regret to announce that we suspended the program in the summer of 2016.

Below are the following key dates that have previously been communicated as a reminder.

  • 8/15/16: Cut-off date for submitting proof-of-purchase data for the 15-16 School year.
  • 9/15/16: All proof-of-purchase data was verified and processed on the STARAwards website.
  • 9/30/16: STARAwards Offices officially closed. Customer support will no longer be available.
  • 12/31/16: For Visa Card Accounts - 15-16 School Year Funds earned will post to the card.
  • 11/1/16: Rebate Check Accounts - Checks with new funds earned will arrive by or before 11/1/16.
  • 8/30/18: Visa Incentive Cards will expire. USE ALL FUNDS BEFORE THIS DATE

After 9/30/16 if your institution misplaces their STARAwards Visa Incentive Card you may request a replacement by e-mailing rhonda.maddison@bhengagement.com or call 636-226-2279. Please note that Rhonda will not be able to answer questions about the STARAWards program or your balances. She will only be able to issue replacement cards. Again you must USE ALL FUNDS BEFORE 8-30-2018.

We would like to thank you for all your support with the program over the years.

Take Care,
Your Former STARAwards Support Staff


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